Red-veined Darters Mating At Salgados

This morning I had a great time at Salgados giving a guided nature walk, we saw lots of bird life as you’d expect, Flamingos, Glossy Ibis, Marsh Harrier, Spoonbill, Purple Swamphen to name a few. However, at an area that had a large puddle of water there were lots of mating Red-veined Darters mating.

Once mating has finished, the male and females stay attached and the female lays her eggs in the water. I snapped this quick photo of a female laying whilst still attached to the male. Whilst not the best photo, it shows this weird behaviour that the Red-veined Darters have.

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Glossy Ibis At Salgados

Salgados has a large number of Glossy Ibis currently, certainly in the hundreds if not more. However, the majority of them start heading a short distance west to their roosting grounds around an hour before sunset. This daily migration continues until sunset.

Here is one of the last flocks to leave whilst I was there a few days ago. Glossy Ibis in Portugal is a huge success story as they were a very rare bird just over 10 years ago and now the numbers are huge and increasing. More details soon as I will be writing next months article in the Algarve Resident all about these stunning birds. Not sure what they look like? Take a look Here.

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Sunset Formation (Glossy Ibis - Glossy Ibis - Íbis-preta -Plegadis falcinellus)
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A Great Experience At A Practical Workshop At Salgados

I don’t currently advertise it as a service, however if asked, I will organise follow-up practical sessions for past attendees on my Digital Photography Fundamentals Workshop. I will be launching this as a full service shortly though!

This morning I met Joy at Salgados at 8am for a morning session on Bird Photography and we had a great time.

I always find it strange to feel in awe of spotting a European Magpie, in the UK every other bird seems to be one, but in the Algarve they one seem to appear only in certain localities, Salgados is one of those. Almost immediately, one came down to land nearby.

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