A New Reference – Snakes Of Portugal

There always seems to be some confusion about Snakes in Portugal. I often hear things like “There are no poisonous snakes in Portugal” or “That’s the nasty one, keep away or kill it”. Before I continue, poisonous refers to actually eating it, the term is venomous.

The truth is, apart from two Vipers (one of which is found right up in the Northern far reaches of Portugal, there really isn’t too much to be worried about. Even the Vipers are not particularly dangerous.

There has always been a lack of a good reference guide to the Snakes that can be found here in Portugal, so I have compiled this reference with links to further information to help you identify any snakes you may find.

I’m not a snake expert by any imagination and therefore I am open to advice if there is something not quite right.

You can find it in the Resources menu or by clicking – Snakes Of Portugal.

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