Cheap As Chips Remote

MC-30? (Tiny lens? Yes, it was a quick shot and the camera hasn't a lens fitted)
MC-30? (Tiny lens? Yes, it was a quick shot and the camera hasn’t a lens fitted)

For a while I’ve been meaning to get a cable remote for my D810, something simple that I just connect to the 10-pin socket on the front and just has a shutter button. I already have a Hahnel Giga T Pro II Wireless Remote that can also be used as a wired remote but not only does it need a battery but also switches off after 1 minute of not being used, hence the need for something simple.

Just a cable and a button.

Nikon offer the MC-30A which is exactly that, a 10-pin socket, 80cm of cable and a button. Perfect you might think? Well, not at almost £70 it isn’t.

There was no way I was going to pay £70 for something I could probably make myself for a few quid.

Then I stumbled on Ebay and come across something called the “Shoot Remote Switch MC-30”, yep, the Chinese didn’t even come up with their own model number. Guess what, although it actual unit is a different design, it’s essentially a 10-pin socket, 80cm of cable and a button. It even has a trigger lock just like the original.

Half the price you might think? Try less than £3!!!! Yes, £2.97 with free postage. It was in the UK too and took 2 days to be delivered.

I’ve only had a quick test and it’s actually nice, the button is two stage (half press focus) and has quite nice feedback with a firm spring.

Could it let you down? Who knows, only time will tell and I’m not expecting it to still be working after 30 years (or even 30 months). I’ll only be using it when I need to have the camera very steady on a tripod, night sky shots for instance, so if it mis-fires, it’s not the end of the world. To be honest, at the price, I could always carry 20 spares and it would still cost less than the Nikon trigger.

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