A Spanish Terrapin Just Peed On Me!

I was down at the river modifying and moving my Kingfisher perch and on the way back Wally spotted something in the long grass.

It was a Spanish Terrapin (often referred to as a Spanish Turtle). It was fairly large with its shell about 25cm long. As it was heading towards the road I decided to relocate it back to the river bank.

I picked it up and it let its bladder go, all over me and I know smell like rotten fish. I released it back at the river bank and it hurried into the water.

(Shot and edited using Lightroom on my Samsung Galaxy S9+)

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Morning Dog Walk: A Few Small Birds And A Lot Of Turtles

I take a camera along on my Dog Walks to bring you some of the sightings that I see on my morning walks, these photos are rarely going to be great quality as its hard enough keeping an energetic Dog entertained and get close enough to anything. They also help me identify where species are so that I can plan to return.

Firstly, happy May Day to everyone that celebrates it, here in Portugal, it’s a big day and we’ll be off to the local Barragem for a day of food and drink with the locals!

This morning, there was an unmistakable bird song coming from high up in a tree, a Melodious Warbler was singing it’s heart out.

Melodious Warbler Singing

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