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The Tarantula Wolf Spider Showed Me Her Babies This Morning


I check the burrow of our local Tarantula Wolf Spider most mornings whilst walking Wally and although she has her babies all snuggled on her back, I’ve not yet managed to have a good look.

This morning, armed with only my mobile phone, she gave me a very brief glimpse of her babies.

The babies stay on her back until they are large and strong enough to fend for themselves. As you can imagine, she is being very protective of them and doesn’t come out of the burrow very often.

Although not a great photo, you can clearly see the babies on her back. Notice how one of them has left her back briefly and is on the burrow opening. It soon jumped back on.

{Click image for a higher resolution}
Tarantula Wolf Spider with babies

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Baby Tarantulas Are On Their Way!


If you have been following my blogs over the last few months you couldn’t have missed my Tarantula Wolf Spider posts, if you did, you can see them all in HERE.

A few weeks ago she had blocked up the entrance to her burrow which I assumed it meant she was starting her Egg Factory up! This morning, the entrance was open again, so I took a closer look. It didn’t take long until she came out to say hello, and what a nice new large white egg sack she has attached to her abdomen! Once hatched, they will sit on her back until large and brave enough to venture off into the Algarve Serra. I wonder if the male got away uneaten?

{Click image for a higher resolution}
Tarantula Wolf Spider with Egg Sack

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Close-up Of Our Local Tarantula


In this months article in the Algarve Resident, I will be writing all about the Lycosa tarantula, the Tarantula Wolf Spider that we have near the Quinta. Therefore, for maximum effect, I decided to try to get a “Macro” shot (technical name for Close-up).

I don’t own a Macro lens, but I do have a Reversing Ring which enables me to attach my 50mm lens to my camera backwards which is the “Poor Mans Macro”. I wrote a Blog Post about this a few years ago.

So here you have it, a close-up of our Female Tarantula Wolf Spider! If you missed my post with all the information about this “original Tarantula” Spider, you can find it HERE.

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Tarantula Wolf Spider - Tarântula-do-mediterrâneo - Lycosa tarantula
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[Instagram] Our Local “Tarantula” Has A New Husband…..And Probably A Meal Too!


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