I settled myself in the new Oasis Hide this morning just before the sun came over the ridge and waited for it to shine down on The Oasis.

I didn’t take long before the Zitting Cisticolas came for breakfast. They look for the bugs inside the Oasis to eat. These tiny birds (around 11cm) seem to sit on the grasses and then jump down to the ground, they do eat Grass Hoppers and Crickets of which are in abundance right now.

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Zitting Cisticola

Zitting Cisticola

Zitting Cisticola

I thought my luck was in when a large flock of more than 60 Waxbills came to feast. Unfortunately, they all came down to the side of the hide where I needed to reposition the camera and tripod. This would of created too much of a disturbance. I just enjoyed watching them from less than 1 metre away.

Two Waxbills did finally come into view, but not making a good shot.  At least I got a record shot of them. I hope to be luckier next time.

Common Waxbill

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