Always On The Lookout! Lycosa Tarantula & Scorpion!

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This morning I was shooting a landscape commission in the Lower Alentejo and once I was done I took a quick look around the area. Within just 5 meters of the car (I was down a dirt track) I found a Female Tarantula Wolf Spider (Lycosa tarantula) burrow and also a Common Yellow Scorpion (Buthus occitanus).

Of course, I’m no stranger to the Tarantula Wolf Spider which is how I noticed the burrow opening, Read my other Tarantula Blog Posts.

The Common Yellow Scorpion can give a painful sting with its tail, however, here in Europe it does not carry a potent venom. African species of this Scorpion can be fatal. They can grown up to 80mm in length, this one was tiny at around 30mm.

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