Are You An Artist Looking To Use My Imagery As References? Please Read…..

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Firstly, I would like to thank all the other artists that enjoy my work, however, I am getting swamped down by the number of artists who request to paint, sculpt or use my imagery for reference purposes. Apologies for not yet replying to everyone, there is quite a lot of you!

Whilst photography is my passion, it is also my only source of income and hope everyone understands why I get protective of this source of income. Not only do I spend a considerable amount of time to capture my images, but also have invested many thousands (even tens of thousands) of Euros/Pounds in equipment.

Therefore, I have published a new statement on my website that covers my current feeling around this.

Please read this statement first if you are considering asking permission.

Requests From Artists To Use My Photographs As References

New requests will simply be directed to this statement.

Thanks for you understanding in my protection of my investment and return.

All images are protected by international copyright!
All of the content displayed on this website (unless otherwise stated) remains the copyright of Craig Rogers. It is illegal to download, copy (including copy by reference) or distribute any content without prior permission and/or licensing. Please read my Copyright Statement.
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