Short Clip of a Badger (Video)

Last night I set my Bushnell Natureview up on a track near to a local Badger Sett. I wasn’t after any footage to create a video, but just to try and monitor their activities.

I hope to hide out for some photos and wondered the time of day these Badgers are active. I only got one short clip and it was at 10pm which is far too late for photography (unless I use flash, which I’m not a fan of), but hope that they do surface around dusk. I will be planning some trips to hide out near the sett.

Its always a risk leaving trail cameras out overnight in case they get stolen, however, this was hidden away from any place people would be walking and it was still there this morning.

Bushnell Natureview
Bushnell Natureview

Badgers are protected by law and any disturbance to a sett is illegal, therefore, I’m carefully around what I do and where I do it. They have a very good sense of smell and in the short clip below you can see that it’s having a good sniff around where I pulled out some nettles to try and hide the camera.

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

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