16 days into 2021 and it’s not the fantastic year we all hoped. The pandemic situation is worsening and for me personally it has already provided many obstacles with my work, mainly the issues with the drone regulations.

This morning has really hit me with a huge slap, I was hidden photographing Common Chiffchaffs for this months Algarve Resident article when I broke cover briefly to make a change to the area I was shooting when I heard a snapping sound.

I turn around to see the tripod had sunk in the damp mud and fallen over with the tripod mount for the 500mm lens hitting a small rock. Whilst the lens, camera and tripod are fine, it did snap the tripod mount. I know from experience that this is an incredibly costly thing to have repaired as I have suffered a similar fate many years ago. The lens requires sending to the Nikon service centre in Barcelona to be stripped down as it is integral to the body.

I am now considering my options going forward as my Commercial side of photography is gaining more demand, this could spell the end of my nature photography as I cannot justify these repair costs…………

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