Don’t Forget The Supermoon Tonight!

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Just a quick reminder that tonight (Sunday 3rd December) there will be a Full Moon, it’s also called the Cold Moon as it’s the first Full Moon of the winter. Also, as the Full Moon is at its closest distance to the Earth (357,495 km!) it’s 2017’s one and only Supermoon.

Here in the Algarve, the Moon is due to rise 18 minutes after sunset but 10 minutes before Civil Dusk.

Sunset: 17:16
Moonrise: 17:34
Civil Dusk: 17:44

This should hopefully give the sky a nice colour and may even provide a purple hue giving the bright white Moon (or it could rise a red/orange colour) a stunning backdrop. We have clear skies forecast and I hope to photo the Moon rising above the Mountain ridges here in the Algarve Serra.

Wherever you are, if you’re lucky enough to have clear skies, remember to get out to watch and even photograph! Hopefully, I’ll have a photo for you later.

If you are getting out to photograph it, here’s a quick tip: Use a long focal length to squash the perspective, it will make the Moon look bigger.

Here’s a photo from the last Supermoon rising above an old ruined building on the 14th November 2016. I used a 300mm lens to capture the ruin in the distance with the Moon behind giving the same visual impression your eyes have. If I was close to the ruin with a wide lens, the Moon would appear smaller and further in the distance.

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Supermoon - 14th November 2016

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