SOLD: Nikon D7100 with WU-1a WiFi Adapter, Remote Control & Gift Voucher for one of my Workshops

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I am selling my current “backup & walkabout” camera, my Nikon D7100 camera body and I’m also including some extras (see below). I have owned the D7100 from new and is a European model not a grey-import (purchased from Wex in the UK). I am only selling this camera due to a recent upgrade.

Nikon D7100

The Nikon D7100 is classed as a “Prosumer” model, meaning that although aimed at the amateur enthusiast, it also has many features that is seen on a professional camera body but also offering Auto settings for beginners. It’s had a very easy life with only just over 30,000 shutter actuation. The camera and all accessories are in perfect condition. This is the perfect camera for anyone wishing to get into the world of DSLR photography. Of course, this is body only, so you will also have to purchase a lens or lenses to go with it, I can advise. If you are new to the world of photography, I will also include a free Gift Voucher to attend one of my Digital Photography Fundamentals Workshops.

Rather than copy and paste all the specifications, please see this Nikon D7100 page for the full details.

Also included is a Nikon WU-1a WiFi so that you can connect a smartphone directly to the camera and control it, again for more details see the Nikon WU-1a page. Lastly, included is a Nikon ML-L3 Infrared Remote Control to be able to remote control the shutter from a distance, see the Nikon ML-L3 page for details. The battery is the original genuine EN-EL15 which is showing on the battery monitor as in perfect condition.

The price is (non-negotiable) at €380 which considering the condition and the genuine Nikon extras is very good price.

Here is everything that is included;

  • Nikon D7100 Body with front body cap
  • Nikon DK-5 Eye piece cap (for covering the viewfinder for remote shooting)
  • Nikon EN-EL15 Li-ion Batteries
  • Nikon MH-25 Battery Charger (with your choice of UK or Euro plug lead)
  • Nikon AN-DC1 Camera Strap (never been used, still in packaging)
  • Nikon UC-E6 USB Cable (for connecting camera to a PC)
  • Nikon BS-1 Shoe Cover (where you attach accessories such as a flash gun)
  • CD with NX 2 software
  • Original D7100 User Manual
  • Nikon WU-1a WiFi Adapter
  • Nikon ML-13 Infrared Remote Control
  • Everything comes in the original boxes and user manuals with the exception of the ML-13 Remote Control
  • Gift Voucher for one of my Digital Photography Fundamentals Workshops
  • I can personally deliver in the Algarve and Lower Alentejo and you are also welcome to come and view the camera and take some photos up here in the Algarve Hills. Payment can be either cash or bank transfer. Any further afield and there will be a delivery charge of €20.

    Nikon D7100

    Nikon D7100

    Nikon WU-1a WiFi Adapter

    Here are a few sample photos that I have taken with this camera;

    {Click image(s) to view on Flickr - opens in new tab}

    Egyptian Grasshopper - Anacridium aegyptium

    Pigeons At Sunset

    Honey Bee Approaching A White Cardoon Thistle

    Violet Dropwing Dragonfly (Male) - Trithemis annulata

    Blackbird at Dusk

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