French Lavender Has Enjoyed The Wet Spring

Did I mention that we’ve had a bit of rain in the Algarve this spring? I may have slipped it in on a few occasions!

Well, the wild flowers have enjoyed this unusual persistent deluge and none more so than the French Lavender. Not only is there far more than usual, the flowers are huge and is creating a stunning purple carpet across the landscape.

French Lavender In the Algarve Hills

There is confusion (and many arguments) over French Lavender due to 2 species having the same name, this variety is Lavandula stoechas which is also known as Spanish Lavender (you can see why the arguments occur!). There is also another species called Lavandula dentata which is also known as French Lavender but is completely different.

French Lavender In the Algarve Hills

The plant is evergreen so another reason why the Algarve hills remain green in the summer months with the flowers appearing in late spring/early summer.

French Lavender In the Algarve Hills

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