Kingfisher Up Close!

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So, as promised in yesterday’s post (see here), I have relocated both the Bushnell NatureView and also the temporary perch.

I was expecting a few days of nothing whilst the Kingfisher got used to a change in its environment. I was wrong.

Just 12 minutes after I left, the Bushnell recorded a very brief visit of the Kingfisher. The capture only has a few seconds before it flies off so not really long enough to create a video, but here is a still image from the capture (continue reading below the image).


Obviously, this isn’t a great photo as the Bushnell is only there for monitoring, but I have a plan.

I have purposely set the camera and perch like this so that the Kingfisher would be facing the opposite river bank. At the top left of the image, you can see an area where other wildlife have made a trail to the riverbed. I am planning on hiding in this area to hopefully get some shots of the Kingfisher on the perch. The background won’t be perfect, but there’s no other opportunity right now with such a lack of water. This will also provide an opportunity to photograph the Mongooses. Whilst I was at the river yesterday I could hear them chattering in the nearby Bamboo. Of course, I’m not 100% sure they’d be more scared of me than I would be of them if I was to startle them.

I am also planning a site to place a new permanent perch and hide in preparation for when the river starts to run again, however, with no rain forecast for the near future, it may be a while.

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