Princessa Makes It Into Flickr’s “Your Best Shot 2017 – Bird” Gallery

I use Flickr (UPDATE, I no longer use Flickr due to their price increases) to showcase my photos and don’t very often interact on the social side of it. However, this year I added this photo of Princessa, our resident Kingfisher to the “Your Best Shot 2017” just for fun and of course for more exposure.

Every year Flickr invites you to add just one photo to the group that you think is your best shot of the year. Without a doubt, for me this shot was it. Not only was I happy with the photo, but the story behind monitoring her, building a perch and hide helped making me feel proud of this shot (See related blog posts).

The Flickr group is just for fun and photos are selected by Flickr and placed into relevant galleries. As you can imagine, I’m happy that Flickr decided to include this photo in their “Your Best Shot 2017 – Birds” Gallery.

“Your Best Shot 2017 – Birds” – Click to view gallery
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