Description: Learn to control your Samsung Galaxy “Pro” Camera to capture the colours of sunset


Group Size: Maximum of 5 people

Location: Alvor, Algarve, Portugal

Suitable For: All abilities

Equipment Requirement: A compatible Samsung Galaxy Smartphone with “PRO” mode is required (see below for details).

Note: After purchase please visit the registration link that will be displayed on your confirmation. If booking for multiple people, registration is required for each person.


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Smartphones have been equipped with cameras for many years, but since the influential world of Social Media, particlary Instagram, they have improved at an alarming rate.  Their small lenses and tiny sensors have limitations and this is why I love Smartphone photography because it creates a challenge and whilst the quality and power of a “real” camera can’t be matched, they can still produce amazing images.

How many times have you witnessed an incredible sunset here in the Algarve only to be disappointed by the result of your photo?  I will explain why this happens and how to overcome these issues. This workshop helps you take control of the default camera app’s “PRO” mode to overcome the challenges of smartphone photography

The images below show the difference between using the default camera and the “PRO” mode of a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.  All the other photos in the product gallery have been taken on various Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone with “PRO” mode (see video below to help you find it), then come and join me for a sunset session at Alvor Marina.  Of course, I can’t guarantee a perfect sunset, but I can guarantee you’ll learn how to photograph one.

Where is this workshop located?
In the marina area of Alvor. VIEW ON GOOGLE MAPS

How large is the group size?
This workshop is for just 5 people, this is due to having sufficient time to help everyone.

What time does it start?
We will meet at 4pm.

What time does it finish?
Approximately 6:15pm

Is this a strenuous activity?
No, and there is plenty of opportunity to sit on the small wall in the area.

Is transport included?
No, attendees must make their own travel arrangements. Free parking is available nearby.

Can I bring a friend/family?
Yes of course, but they will need to watch from a distance if not an attendee.

What language is spoken during this Workshop?

What if the weather is not good?
I can’t guarantee a great sunset, but the workshop will still continue.   Should rain be forecast, then it may be postponed to another date

What level of photographic ability do I need?
None at all, this is suitable for everyone!

What equipment is required?
A Samsung Galaxy Smartphone with the “PRO” mode feature is required.  A tripod isn’t required, but if you have one and want to use it, please bring it.  I will also have a tripod suitable for a Smartphone.

How do I find the “Pro” mode on my Samsung Galaxy Smartphone?
Watch this quick video which will show you how to find if your Smartphone has the “PRO” mode.


Payment is required in advance by booking online and paying via either PayPal (inc Credit/Debit card without a PayPal account), MB Way or Bank Transfer.