Update From The Kingfisher Perch

It seems that I need to modify the Kingfisher perch. I have a feeling that it’s too thick for the Kingfisher to perch as it seems they prefer the top of the pole or right side instead.

This is in interesting clip of the male because he seems to be shaking off water as it he’s dived nearby. It’s only a very short clip as the camera had already been triggered by an Iberian ChiffChaff which you can hear singing at the beginning of the clip.

Of course, what this video does prove (along with This Post) is that there is a Male and Female resident, which will probably mean they are a breeding pair!

Also, there seems to be other activity around the perch too as there was some Otter Spraint (poo) on the floor nearby. I would have taken a photo, but my disgusting dog decided to eat it before I had the chance! Therefore, today I will be changing the perch and also moving the camera to get a wider shot and switch it to work at night too.

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

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