White Storks Of Silves!

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Rain was a possibility, however, when I arrived at the meeting point at 7:45am in Silves, there was a broken cloudy sunrise and the day was looking promising.

It was a cold start and at our first stop the White Storks looked very uninterested in waking up.

However, soon enough the clattering of beaks started to ring around the city and we soon witnessed some early morning mating. At our 2nd stop we witnessed our first fight for a well-established nest. As I was talking at the time, I can’t bring you a shot, but I have seen some great shots from the attendees.

After a few more stops, we stopped for a coffee break and a quick sharing of my tips of how to shoot birds in flight (or even anything that is moving!) before heading to my favourite spot to catch these large birds in the air. After a quiet 10 minutes, soon enough we were having some close-up flybys.

We still had some broken cloud in the sky which wasn’t too interesting as a background, so I also processed a couple of shots using the white canvas as a positive.

It was a great morning and I’d like to thank everyone who came along. The good news for me is that I get to do it all again on Thursday as I host a private event for the Algarve Photographers Group, a great camera club based in São Bras de Alportel.

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