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Sunset Session At The Beach!


I keep telling myself that I don’t take enough Seascape shots so whilst I was in Balaia Golf Resort on the weekend taking (Real Estate Shots, I decided to head to Praia de São Rafael for the sunset.

I arrived well before sunset to also use the opportunity to take some product shots of my new Photography Bean Bags which will be launched later today!

Of course, after living here for over 2.5 years, even though the temperatures were mid 20s, it was a nice surprise to see people sunbathing and even swimming in the sea! Soon enough the sun started to lower in the sky and most of the sun-cravers started to leave the beach and replaced by sunset watchers. I set myself up near the iconic rock in the centre of the beach and waited. The result of the session was the following 4 photographs which are shown below in time order. All are available in print in the Shop, please see individual links below each image.

First, the sun just about to dip below the west cliff.

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Sunset at Praia de São Rafael, Algarve, Portugal

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No Wide Angle Lens? No Problem!


As you may have seen from my previous post of Wally Backlit, this morning was amazing. There was a lit hazy mist in the valleys but otherwise almost cloud free skies, of course, this is the Algarve!

When I got to the top of Eagle Ridge, the view was stunning, but I only had my AF-S 80-400mm lens. So, I took 23 separate images with the camera oriented in vertical and then merged them all together in Photoshop.

The resulting image was huge! Give or take, due to images being overlapped in the merge process, it would be around 1000 Megapixels! The output TIFF file from Photoshop back to Lightroom is over 2.5gb! The final JPEG export was over 200mb, so I had to resize it a little for upload to Flickr. This image on Flickr is 20000 x 3333 pixels! The great thing is, Pano-stitching in Photoshop is so powerful that all 23 shots where taken handheld and it still merges them perfectly.

My local village of São Marcos da Serra is just visible above the right on the far right of the image.

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Morning Winter Mist In The Algarve Hills
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Twilight At Praia De Albandeira (March 2018)


Back in March, I went to take sunset and dusk shots at the fantastic Albandeira Arch. I really wasn’t happy with the results of both the photo and post-editing.

Today, I was going through some old work and once again stumbled across this session. During this year, I have approached my post work differently to achieve my results, so I adopted this new approach and had another go at editing one of the shots from this session. I am now extremely happy with this final image. It just goes to show that you should never just automatically delete photos you are not happy with, it could just be a bad day of creativity, a sort of photographers writers block.

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Praia de Albandeira at Twilight
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Another Beautiful Sunset, Briefly


Blink and you would have missed this stunning view this evening. As the sun started to set a few clouds rolled in and just for about 5 minutes the colours were amazing before the sun dropped below the clouds and the colours dimmed.

The first photo, I was out trying to photograph some of the Robins that have re-appeared for the winter and therefore had the wrong lens fitted, but a quick dash inside to change the lens and grab a tripod, I got the 2nd photo just before the scene faded out.

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Sunset in the Northern Algarve Hills
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