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An Afternoon At The River Looking For Opportunities


I was a new location on the river that we discovered a few days ago and was looking for options for some closeup Kingfisher shots, the Kingfishers are getting really brave now.

Although I wasn’t there to take photos, I did take the camera down. Here is just a quick shot of a male Kingfisher sitting in the tree watching me, then just as I was leaving, Iberian Magpies where coming down for a late afternoon bath.

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Morning Dog Walk: Today It’s All About Wally And Sort Of The Kingfishers


I have been so busy the last week, either shooting Real Estate or stuck in my studio processing Real Estate photos. Last night we decided to head into the village for some well-earned beverages and Wally was looking really sad……..

….he’d clearly been missing his daddy. We came back last night and he was like my shadow, it kept nudging me to get under my arm for a cuddle.

So this morning we headed out to the river for a big splash about, I took some photos and today, I’m going to spend most of the day with him! The river level is dropping quickly and will soon dry out leaving large pools. It’s been an issue for my Kingfisher perch because every time I place it in location, before I get a chance to photograph them, the river is too shallow. This morning we wandered further upstream and have located a place I thought was perfect for the Kingfishers. The fish are considerably larger and the river will pool here, soon enough from behind an overhanging tree I heard a splash followed by the high-pitched call of a Kingfisher. I watched it fly away complete with a fish. 5 minutes later it (or another one) returned. So yet again, I will be relocating the perch in hope of some close-up shots.

Here is Wally splashing around enjoying life, as usual!

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Wally Keeping Cool In The Heat
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Whenever I have placed a perch in the river to attract a Kingfisher it has worked amazingly well. However, my recent attempts have been in unsuccesful. While I’ve waited paitently hidden on the river bank I have seen them just fly straight past up and down stream. It then occured why…..

NO FISH! The river seemed to be completely empty of any “Tiddler” sized fish, the food of the Kingfisher. I don’t understand the life-cycle of seasonal rivers but it was enough for me to be slightly concerned. Others have suggested that the warmer weather will bring them out and they were right!

Yesterday was the first real (almost) hot day in the Algarve with temperatures not only exceeding mid-20s, but also the sun’s angle is now high enough to make it very strong. So, I wandered down to the river this morning and it has LOTS of tiddlers, what happened next was an amazing surprise!

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Usage Evidence On The Kingfisher Perch


I haven’t a Trail Cam on the Kingfisher Perch currently but I went to have a look at the Fish numbers in the water below the perch this morning. There is now a lot of small fish sheltering in this area which is perfect for the Kingfishers.

I took a look at the perch and as you can see in the photo, it has obvious evidence of usage. The change of colour you can see is water. It looks like a Kingfisher has been using this same spot for multiple dives leaving this part of the perch wet.

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Wet marks on the Kingfisher Perch

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Kingfishers Diving From The Perch (Video)


It looks like Kingfisher Perch V2.0 is finally starting to be a success! As you will see in the video below, there was a lot of activity yesterday and this morning. The Trail Cam seems to be having an issue. The way it works is that if motion is detected, 1 minute is recorded, however, for some reason, it doesn’t seem to record another minute if action continues. I will be looking into this, but at least I have some action to show which is as follows;

1st June at 3:16pm – A brief visit from what looks like the male.
1st June at 5:02pm – The sun has dropped behind the trees on the river bank so the perch is in the shadows, its difficult to tell if it’s a male or female.
1st June at 5:11pm – Again, difficult to tell the sex, but a dive for fish, this time a failed attempt.
2nd June at 7:00am – Difficult to tell, but I think it’s the male, 2 successful dives for fish. Also near the end another Kingfisher (I suspect the female) flies left to right and then back right to left before perching out of sight, but very vocal.

Listen out for all the other bird noises in the clips, there are Bee Eaters, Iberian Magpies, Iberian Chiffchaff and Nightingale to name a few.

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

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