A Little Autumn Rain Is Transforming The Landscape

We’ve had a bit of an unusual (for late October) cold spell recently which has brought some welcome rain. I say welcome, from a photography point of view not so, but from a nature point of view, certainly.

It is starting to transform the landscape from dusty and dry to lush and green. Grass is now growing where it has been absent since mid summer.

(all photos shot and edited using Lightroom on my Samsung Galaxy S8+)

Morning dew on new grass

The pools in the dry River Odelouca bed are getting larger and with more rain predicted next week, I suspect it will soon be running again.

River pools

Lastly, you may remember the posts about the Mediterranean Tree Frogs earlier this year (Photos and Videos) from a disused water cistern. This now has a small amount of water and a few nights ago I heard them calling again.

Water cistern

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