Rainy Sunrise At Ferragudo

The weather promised that the rain would ease and the clouds would break. I woke at 5am to rain but put my trust in the weather forecast that insisted it was going to clear. I got in the car and I could see stars in the sky! Yes, it started to clear.

However, the 40 minute drive to Ferragudo and the clouds rolled in again. I waited hoping for some pre-sunrise shots, but the clouds made it far too dark. Then there was another break in the clouds just as the sun was rising. I setup on the beach and started to take some long exposures but the clouds just kept building and I couldn’t help notice a large rain shower approaching. Just as the sun was rising above the roof tops of Ferragudo, I shot the photo below. This is not what I was hoping for, but I was determined to come away with something, but I don’t really like it!

Rainy Sunrise At Ferragudo
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The Quinta Was A Natural Stadium For A Passing Storm

If you live in Portugal, you may have noticed we had some unexpected storms this afternoon. One particular storm passed to the north of the Quinta and as we are on top of a hill, our view north-east as the angry clouds passed us by was amazing.

I set the camera up to constantly take photos and I captured 8 separate strikes. It wasn’t one of our usual heavy, loud, wet and windy storms, but amazing to watch it pass us by.

Here are all 8 strikes merged into one photo.

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Passing Thunder Storm
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Rain Has (almost) Started The River Odelouca

The River Odelouca is important for both wildlife, farming and human life in the Algarve. It runs dry in the heat of the summer and usually starts running in November. Last year, of course, we had no rain in the autumn and it wasn’t until March that the river started. It is critical to local wildlife, but also fills the Barragem de Odelouca which provides a large portion of drinking water to the Algarve region.

We’ve had a fair amount of rain over the last few weeks which has been filling the dry river bed pools and this morning it has started to trickle. I wouldn’t class it as running yet as there are still some breaks in the flow, but it has started to trickle. I think we are a few heavy showers away from the river running.

Trickling River

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A Little Autumn Rain Is Transforming The Landscape

We’ve had a bit of an unusual (for late October) cold spell recently which has brought some welcome rain. I say welcome, from a photography point of view not so, but from a nature point of view, certainly.

It is starting to transform the landscape from dusty and dry to lush and green. Grass is now growing where it has been absent since mid summer.

(all photos shot and edited using Lightroom on my Samsung Galaxy S8+)

Morning dew on new grass

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A Very Loud and Wet Afternoon

I have been predicting a huge storm for a few days, today was the day. This morning it was a hot and sunny day and in the afternoon the temperature reached over 37 deg and the clouds began to build. The storm gathered and approached from the North East, over the hills from the Alentejo region. It moved very slowly, but when it finally got here it was loud. The strikes where coming to ground all around us. Imagine my surprise when I had an alert on my Fogo app (fire alerting app) that pinpointed a fire almost directly on our house. I went to the bottom of the drive to be greeted with the GNR and 5 Fire Trucks. They were called out for one of the strikes, but there doesn’t seem to be any damage and they spent the next hour checking the area for other evidence of strikes.

As the storm was slow-moving, I set the camera up and managed to capture this fork as it approached.

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The Approaching Storm
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