Are Bee Eaters making a nesting site in the garden?

Today I could hear a lot of Bee Eater activity as they have a very distinct “chirping” noise.

Our house (or Quinta) is on top of a hill and we have a tree lined driveway up the hill. I could see them sitting in the trees and then it dawned on me.

When the previous owners landscaped the land, they excavated a hole to use the good soil to build some terracing. The hole still exists.

As it was dug with a digger, it has banks very similar to river banks. Bee Eaters build burrows in River banks. Yes, it appears as though they are possibly making their own excavations right here in the garden.

This photo, from a long distance shows 2 of the Bee Eaters sitting in the tree (top right) and the fake river bank that they are paying a lot of attention to.

Bee Eaters new nesting site? – D810, AF-S 500mm f/4 with TC-17II @ 850mm, f/8, ISO360, 1/800sec

So, the hole is now out of bounds and we’ll see what happens. If this is the case, once they fly off in the Autumn, we’ll landscape around the banking making a permanent home for them and of course, there’ll be a hide located there too!

More news soon. For more information about European Bee Eaters, there is a great Wiki Page.

Bee Eaters in the tree from a long way away
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