Morning Dog Walk: Today All About Wally!

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Wally has been a little unwell for a few days, he has been suffering from terrible sickness and diarrhoea and as he’s a big baby when it comes to things like this, he has been feeling really sorry for himself.

Today he seems back to normal, his appetite is back and was running around like the crazy fool he is, so this morning’s walk, I ignored the Bee-Eaters flying around, ignored Bluey and snapped a few photos of him. Oh and I haven’t seen Roxy for a while so I’m guessing she is possibly now sitting on eggs. In case you are new and wondering what I’m talking about, Bluey and Roxy are a local pair of Blue Rock Thrushes.

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Wally In The Long Grass

Wally In The Long Grass

Those Eyes!

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