Possible proof that the Vixen has given birth?

Maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see, however, I set the Bushnell camera up last night to give a side angle of (again, what I think is) the Vixen.

It was a bit frosty last night so was affecting the camera lens a little so quality isn’t great, however, if you compare last nights still-shot against one from just over 2 weeks ago, I’m sure you’ll agree that this Fox is not as “round” as it was. The Fox in both photos are the same Fox as it’s recognisable by a long thin tail with the tip being slightly crooked.

Also, on last nights shot, is that proof of lactating????? There’s certainly some bumpy patches under there. I’ll try and get some super close-ups tonight.

9th March - Looks nice and round.
9th March – Looks nice and round.

25th March - A bit thinner and possibly lactating?
25th March – A bit thinner and possibly lactating?
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