Simple Sunset, Very Algarve

As you may know, I like a good silhouette shot, whether it shows an animal or object, providing you can easily recognise the subject it can be very powerful.

I was hoping for a great sunset tonight, the high icy clouds (hinting that the forecast rain for tomorrow is coming) looked promising, however, some heavy clouds started to roll in just as the sun was setting. There was however, a brief period where the sky started to glow, it didn’t last long, but I came up with a simple plan. Photograph a neighbours very Algarvian chimney against the colourful sky.

Standing a long way away and using a long lens I could blur out the gathering clouds but still use the small compressed (due to a long lens) portion of sky to use as a colourful backdrop.

The result is a simple photo, but one that is instantly identified by anyone who can recognise an Algarve Chimney.

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