Sunset at Farol de Alfanzina

This shoot was probably my most challenging sunset yet. I wanted to shoot the Farol de Alfanzina (Alfanzina Lighthouse) but also be able to capture the rays of beam. I spent around 3 hours on the cliff to the east of the Lighthouse yesterday afternoon as I prepared the shoot (more information about the shot below).

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This Lighthouse has some special memories for me as I remember visiting it on a family holiday to the nearby Vale Centeanes back in 1984! I knew I couldn’t get this photograph in a single shot and prepared to capture many photos to merge to give an impression of what your eyes can see.

It’s a combination of 4 photos, one about 1 hour before sunset so that I could use as the cliff detail, one of the sunset, a long exposure of the smooth sea and then after dark the shot of the beams.

Alfanzina has a pattern of a beam followed soon after by another beam, so I took a shot (well many shots to get the correct angles) to capture the 2 beams together. All of the shots have been Luminosity Blended in Photoshop to create this final image. So not only did it take me many hours on location, but also many hours processing too. But I think it’s worth every second!

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