This Week’s Featured Print: White Stork Silhouette At Sunset


Every week I choose one of my favorite images available to purchase in the Shop and feature it, this week is a photograph of a White Stork silhouetted by an amazing orange sunset.

This photograph was taken in January 2018. Silhouette photos really work when you can instantly recognise the subject.

This photo is iconic Algarve. It features the amazing backdrop of a colourful sunset with an easily recognisable Algarve bird, the White Stork standing on its nest on an electricity post.

It was taken in my local village of São Marcos da Serra using a long focal length to highlight the effect of the bright orange sky. The huge contrast between the orange and black makes it look amazing in print.

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White Stork Silhouette At Sunset
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Photography Bean Bags Made In The Algarve Available Now!


I always discuss Photography Bean Bags on my Digital Photography Fundamentals Workshop when it comes to shooting with a slow shutter speed. Usually I get the “Where can I get one?” question, therefore, I decided to look into getting these made right here in the Algarve.

Bean Bags are a great substitute for a tripod particularly when using air travel where a tripod can be a pain. They are also sometimes a better choice than a tripod when the winds are high using a long shutter speed. In my opinion, they are a far better choice than the small mini tripods available due to the greater flexibility of camera position Bean Bags offer.

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This Weeks Featured Print: Eye Light


For this weeks featured print I go all they back to October 2015.

It was rutting season and I went in search of Red Deer Stags at Chasewater in Staffordshire, England.

I had been following an elusive stag for a while just after sunset and I had lost him in the trees after he had been chasing the younger Stags away from his Hinds.

I turned to around and there he was staring straight at me. I noticed the light shining on his eye so took this underexposed shot to highlight his eye.

Eye Light

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Prints Of My Work Are Now Available To Purchase Directly From My New Online Shop


It has been a longtime in the making with a lot of work behind the scenes but I can now officially state that my New Shop is now open!

Inside the shop you will find the new way of booking on my Digital Photography Fundamentals Workshop (and other events) and also Gift Vouchers, but more importantly you can now purchase prints of my work!

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