New Service : Dogs-In-Nature Photo Shoots!

Canvas Prints are also available, please Contact Me for information and pricing

If you’re a regular blog reader then you will know that I often post photos of Wally when we are out on our adventures. People keep mentioning that I should start offering this type of photography for other Dog owners and I have been considering this for some time.

So let me introduce to you Dogs-In-Nature Photo Shoots! The idea of this new project is to offer something slightly different to the usual Dog Portrait photography that although is great, often doesn’t show the Dog’s real nature and character. On my photo shoots I will be accompanying you and your dog(s) and capturing photographs of them playing, running, sitting gazing into space and anything else you wish to capture all in a natural environment rather than a studio setting.

This photo of Wally is a perfect example of his character.

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Wally Splashing Around In The River

If you have more than one dog, or even want to share a session with another owner to reduce the cost then this is also an option. Each session guarantees, at least, 10 digital photographs and also 1 professionally printed A3-sized Photograph per dog. Further prints will also be available to purchase at a later date in various sizes.

To celebrate this new project, there is 15% discount on all sessions, including Gift Vouchers until the end of January.

More details and prices can be found on the Dogs-In-Nature Photo Shoots Page.

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